Efficient multiple testing of LEDs


The colorCONTROL MFA-7 LED Analyzer precisely and efficiently checks the correct color, intensity and function of LEDs. The sensor can monitor up to 28 measuring points simultaneously. Each measuring point is freely configurable. The sensor offers a data rate of 100 Hz with a dynamic range of 1 to 50,000 lx. The repeatability is also significantly increased with xy ˂ ±0.000025 compared to previous models. 

The measuring system stands out due to its application flexibility. You can position the MFS receiver sensors anywhere in relation to the test object and adapt it to the respective measurement task. High-quality receiver sensors with plastic fiber optics for different working distances and measuring spot sizes are available. Lengths and temperature ranges are also variable.

The free sensorTOOL software is used to parameterize the LED Analyzer. The software also reads out and records the measured values for all measuring points synchronously. The integrated RS422 interface allows easy connection to process control units. Furthermore, the MFA-7 series has USB and RS232 interfaces. 

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