High-performance controller for inductive displacement sensors and gauges


The inductive MSC7602 and MSC7802 multi-channel controllers, each equipped with two integrated channels, enable a variety of different applications. Combined with a wide range of LVDT and LDR displacement sensors and gauges, they are also used for positioning tasks in machine building and automation, for shape and geometrical inspection in the field of quality control, material inspection in test systems, and for clamping stroke measurements. These controllers are designed for industrial environments while offering either a plastic housing for installation in control cabinets or robust aluminum housings for harsh environmental conditions, as well as current and voltage outputs and an RS485 interface. These inductive measuring systems stand out due to their high signal and temperature stability and their reliability. It is possible to adapt the systems according to customer specifications for serial applications.

Space-saving solution

With its DIN rail housing, the MSC7602 offers a space-saving solution for integration into a control cabinet. Furthermore, it is possible to merge up to 32 modules (64 channels).

Robustness for industrial applications

Just like the MSC7401, the MSC7802 is protected by a robust aluminum die-cast housing to IP67 and so is well protected against external influences in industrial environments.

Easy sensor parameterization

Parameter setting can be easily performed using the sensorTOOL software by connecting the controller to a PC via the IF7001 converter. Keys and LED displays also enable settings to be made.


  • High application versatility and flexibility due to large range of controllers and sensors
  • High resolution and linearity
  • Optimal price/performance ratio for low to high quantities
  • Ideal for series applications
  • Settings via keys and LEDs or the sensorTOOL
  • Robust models for industrial environments
  • Different mounting types depending on the installation scenario

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