New: Robot-guided defect detection on reflecting surfaces


reflectCONTROL Automation is designed specifically to meet the increasing quality requirements in production and reliably detects smallest defects on shiny surfaces. It is used for high speed inspection of shiny and painted parts, e.g. car interior parts. The sensor is mounted on a robot and is therefore also able to inspect parts with complex geometries.

For automatic surface inspection of shiny parts, reflectCONTROL Automation inspection system has been developed. The system has a significant advantage over the visual inspection regarding consistency and accuracy. Due to tiredness of the inspectors, manual inspection often leads to defects being missed. In many areas, ever-increasing requirements are being placed on the quality and appearance of surfaces. Particularly with reflecting surfaces, faultless, high quality production is expected.

The sensor is guided over the measurement object by a robot. This enables an easy, fast and reliable  inspection. Using the 3D model (CAD) of the measuring object, the robot program is created. The robot guides the sensor to the relevant positions and inspects the surface. The defects found are then evaluated and displayed in the 3D model.

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