Reliable defect detection on matt surfaces


The surfaceCONTROL inspection system recognises local surface deviations on non-reflecting surfaces. Using modern hardware, a new sensor recognises defects even faster and with more precision.

High quality finished surfaces are a challenge for many areas of industry. As well as in the automotive industry, these challenges are present in domestic appliances, entertainment devices and living accessories. The perceived quality of smooth, defect-free surfaces is determined by the feel of the surface, the colour and a constant shape of the surface. The new surfaceCONTROL inspection system from INB Vision AG, a member of the Micro-Epsilon company group, consists of a modern 3D sensor and two optional software packages. This new 3D sensor achieves a significantly higher inspection speed, together with increased measurement accuracy by using a fast projection unit and new cameras. The sensor is optimised for both integration in assembly lines and for robot connection.

As well as a 3D sensor for surface inspection, the system alternatively includes two software packages for the evaluation of 3D data. First, the surfaceCONTROL DefMap3D analysis software for laboratories and the measuring room, offering a full-surface back projection of the analysis results onto the component. DefMap3D is available in several versions, adapted technically and in terms of price to the respective requirements. Second, the surfaceCONTROL Inspection Tools for automatic examination of surfaces being optimised for robot-supported inspection tasks.

The sensor based on the structured light projection scans the surface and provides a 3D point cloud of this surface. Therefore, a sequence of structured light pattern is projected on the surface. The calibrated cameras use this pattern for searching corresponding points, from which the 3D data is calculated. Calculation and evaluation of the 3D data are performed using the correspondent software on an IPC.

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