NEW: Laser scanner software now also enables gap measurements


The latest Configuration Tools 6.0 software offers additional features for scanCONTROL laser scanners and now replaces the previous setup software for gapCONTROL sensors. Enhanced features also now enable the measurement and evaluation of different gap types. The latest version is a joint software solution for both scanCONTROL and gapCONTROL sensors, which offers improved ease of use.

The software can be used with all Smart scanners of the scanCONTROL 26xx and 29xx series. In detail, these include the following models: 2610, 2611, 2660, 2661, 2910, 2911, 2960 and 2961. You can upgrade to the latest version in just a few simple steps.

Since version 5.2, the software has offered a language selection option which has been complemented with Korean in version 6.0. The previously available languages of German, English, Chinese and Japanese will remain.

Click here to download Configuration Tools 6.0

The scanCONTROL series is among the highest performing laser profile sensors in the world. Three different scanner classes are available: SMART, COMPACT and HIGHSPEED. The COMPACT and HIGHSPEED models provides a raw data profile that can for example be integrated into a customer’s software. The scanCONTROL SMART series offers plug & play solutions for simple-to-complex measurement tasks, eliminating the need for any external controller. Sensor parameter setup is performed via Configuration Tools and it’s possible to determine, among other things, steps, angles, seams and grooves, as well as gap sizes. The scanner autonomously executes measurement and evaluation in the sensor head and subsequently outputs the values via different interfaces and protocol features (Ethernet UDP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU or RS422).

For measurements on challenging surfaces such as wood, food or semi-transparent materials, Micro-Epsilon offers laser scanners with a blue laser line. The blue laser light penetrates less into certain materials and is therefore more sharply projected on the target. As a result, exact measurement values can be achieved even on difficult surfaces.

In addition to scanCONTROL Configuration Tools 6.0, other software packages are now available as a free download:

scanCONTROL Modbus Tool 1.0

This is a test tool that simulates the communication between a Smart scanner and a PC via Modbus. The package includes corresponding examples for integration into a PLC.

Download here

scanCONTROL UDP Tool 1.0

This test tool enables direct transmission and display of values provided by a Smart scanner on a PC. In order to simplify sensor setup, the tool is equipped with corresponding examples for UDP transmission.

Download here

scanCONTROL Developer Tool 1.0

This software tool is specifically designed to integrate laser scanners into the customer’s own software environment. The Mouseover feature makes it clear which parameters are to be set in the customer’s software in order to implement the corresponding features in this software. Corresponding example codes are also included.

Download here

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