Deflection, deformation, waviness

If objects are loaded with a weight or moved free-standing over a certain distance, a smaller or larger warping of the object always occurs. Measuring this deflection can be accomplished for larger objects using all possible distance sensors. On the other hand, if the deflection of a small slab should be measured, high precision measuring systems like those developed by Micro-Epsilon are necessary for this. Deflections from the metre range down to trillionths of a metre can be measured at Micro-Epsilon.

ניטור מיקום האחיזה של כלים

פעמים רבות, טבעות מיתוג ומפעילים, המשדרים אותות מיתוג, משמשים לניטור מיקום כלי האחיזה בכלי שיבוב עם ביצועים גבוהים. ...

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System for testing the risk of creaking with combinations of materials

Ziegler Instruments in Mönchengladbach, Germany develops  and  manufactures  test  systems  that  are  able  to predict the risk of creaking noises due to stick-slip vibrations. In this way, the ...

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בדיקות עומס בכנפי מטוסים

על מנת לייעל את התנהגות הכנפיים במהלך טיסה, הכנפיים עוברות ניסויי הרעדה כבר במהלך תהליך הבנייה. 120 חיישני משיכת-כבל ...

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Deflection/cambering of steel strips and saw blades

In the production and processing ne of metal strips, numerous measurement variables need to be monitored, e.g. straightness, cambering and deflection. The inspection of these quantities is carried out ...

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Deflection of rotor blades

Mechanical loads on wind turbine rotor blades are measured using a test rig at the Fraunhofer Institute IWES, Bremerhaven. The rotor blades are mounted on the test rig and adjusted using cable winches. ...

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Planness measurement of display glass

Thinnest glass of outstanding flatness is required for the production of displays for telecommunications equipment. During glass production measuring and monitoring of the flatness is a decisive factor ...

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מדידת שְׁטִיחוּת במכונת ערגול

איכות פני השטח של פחים מעורגלים חייבת לעמוד בדרישות הולכות וגוברות. לדוגמה, יתכן שמדובר בפח נירוסטה המשמש לייצור ...

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Flatness inspection on ceramic wall tiles

In the production of ceramic wall tiles or similar products, a one hundred percent quality inspection is essential. Three laser triangulation displacement sensors measure the deflection of tiles with an ...

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